24h self check-in

arriving in Kufstein

on the left hand side of the house, you can find an elevator that escalates you to your appartement


late arrivals

with your personal security access code, the time of your arrival is completely up to you

A 4 digit security access code ensures access to the elevator, and your appartement . This way you can take your time, there is no need to hurry


lie-abed or earlybird?


to meet fixed times, especially when it's for breakfast, can be really annoying when one is on holiday

what if you want to join a sunrise hike, or cuddle up in bed and breakfast time is from 7:30 to 10:30?


- Pre-Order your breakfast for the maximum of flexibility -  


homemade jams, tyrolean diary products, eggs, spreads, finest bacons and hams, intense cheeses, overnight oats, homemade breads, pastry and more are awaiting you in your appartement. ready to be enjoyed, whenever you desire


In the morning it's up to you. Take a cup, place it underneath the nespresso coffee machine, take out the goods from the fridge and simply enjoy.